Our history


It was around the 1960’s when I began to collaborate with Spiritual Communities around the Coast of Soconusco in Chiapas, Mexico. My job consisted in assisting healers, herbalists, shamans, bone healers, etc.

Some of my tutors were the following people: Madam Rosa Torres, Ruiz widow (QEPD), Jesús Ríos, native of Guatemala, Mrs. Concepción Torres, who lives in Cacahoatán, Chiapas. It was also of mayor importance in my formation the mathematician Lauro Amores Flores, who taught me hypnosis.

During this trajectory I also worked as a coach in boxing, in Tapachula, Chiapas. Using the hypnosis with boxers, we had satisfactory results in the Golden Gloves.


I obtained the Second prize at International level in Sports Fishing at Open Sea: Sailfish weighing 38.5 kg, caught at Puerto Madero.


I participated on the SECOND INTERNATIONAL NATURISM FAIR, which took place at the Palacio de Minería, in Mexico City. My participation consisted in tarot and corporeal readings, aura cleansing, etc. I was asked to this congress by Lic. Manuel Plata, highly acclaimed Mexican therapist.


I participated, along with Dr. Rolando Peña Ramírez and Dr. Jesús Felipe Ruelas España in the lecture ‘Tarot and Medicine’. The event took place at the Women and Society Group A.C., address: Salvador Novo no. 8, Coyoacán, México City.

Again along Dr. Rolando Peña Ramírez, the lecture ‘Tarot and Medicine’, at Club Axiomata, S. A. de C. V.

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At Metatrón, lecture ‘Shamanism, Tarot and Ayahuasca’. I was invited by Architect Leonel Lechuga Gutiérrez.

Repetition of the previous lecture, asked again by Architect Leonel Lechuga Gutiérrez. The event took place during the SECOND METATRÓN CONCERT, at the Fernando Amilpa Auditorium, C.T.M.


Lecture at ‘La Gaya Scienzia’ (coffee shop and cultural gathering, located in Colonia Narvarte, México City) about shamanism, tarot, and the sacred plant ayahuasca.

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April 18. Lecture about Shamanism, sacred plants and ayahuasca. Auditorium No. 1; Medical Center Siglo XXI.


July 10, 11. I held an important participation on the International Symposium of Indigenous Medicine and Alternative Therapies, organized by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Iztapalapa) and the Mexican- Peruvian Institute of Traditional Alternative Medicine.

September 22. Lecture on shamanism and ayahuasca at ‘El Umbral’ Bookshop.


July 31. Lecture on sacred plants, shamanism and ayahuasca. Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros, México City.

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February 23, midnight, to February 24: at the radio show ‘Noches Mágicas’; Radio Centro 1030 AM. Conducted by Mr. José Antonio Cabrera. Talk about ‘Shamanism and tarot’. Tarot readings on air were given to listeners.

September 25. Radio Show ‘Presagios’ conducted by Lic. Eloina Moreno. Radio Centro. ‘Shamanism, tarot and sacred plants.


May 18. Radio show ‘Presagios’. Shared interview with the shaman, philosopher and ayahuasca specialist, the Peruvian Ronald Ángel Rivera Cachique. Our theme was ‘shamanism, and sacred plants’. The interview was made by Lic. Eloina Moreno.


June. Radio Show ‘En Contacto con tu Escencia.’ Radio Chapultepec 560 AM. Theme: shamanism and ayahuasca. Conducted by Oswaldo Huerta.

July. Radio Show ‘En Contacto con tu Escencia.’ Radio Chapultepec 560 AM. Shared theme. Invitation to the Second International Symposium of Etnoshamanic Medicine and Biological Pharmacy, at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Iztapalapa).

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September. Radio Show ‘Por la Capital.’ Radio ABC 760 AM. Conducted by Lic. Edgar Valenzuela Vargas. Theme: sacred plants and ayahuasca.


In México
  • Acacoyagua, Chiapas.
  • Acapulco, Gro.
  • Aguascalientes, Ags.
  • Arriaga, Chiapas.
  • Coatepec, Veracruz.
  • Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas.
  • Durango, Dgo.
  • Emiliano Zapata, Morelos.
  • Escuintla, Chiapas.
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • Jalpan de Serra, Querétaro,
  • Juventino Rosas, Gto. (Celaya)
  • Malinalco, Edo., de México
  • Matamoros, Tamps.
  • Monterrey, N. L
  • Muzquiz, Coahuila.
  • Oaxaca, Oax.
  • Puebla, Pue. (El Aleph)
  • Puerto Madero, Chiapas.
  • Querétaro, Qro.
  • San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
  • San Felipe del Progreso, Edo. de México.
  • San Juan del Rio, Qro.
  • Santiago Papasquiaro, Dgo.
  • Tapachula, Chiapas.
  • Tepic, Nayarit.
  • Tlayacapán, Morelos.
  • Toluca, Estado de México.
  • Tonalá, Chiapas
  • Xalapa, Ver.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Dallas, Texas.
  • El Salvador, C.A.
  • Guatemala, C. A.
  • Lima, Perú.
  • Montevideo, Uruguay.

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